A Mosaic Celebration

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, is itself a work of art, in my view – a grand mosaic made of many colorful, diverse pieces forming a beautiful whole. This week a diverse group of people here in SMA gathered to celebrate the inauguration of the newest mosaic installation by artist Juan Eduardo Rios Mancilla in Colonia Guadalupe. Mosaics resonate here and are cause for celebration.

This new mosaic, which covers one full wall on the Arroyo Walkway near Calle Farolito, features many of the iconic elements of San Miguel – especially the Parroquia church in the Jardin in el centro.

The whole tableau

Among the requisites of the installation, which took two months to complete, was that it be “family friendly” and that it might beautify the area and draw visitors to it.

A little boy at the celebration

Juan spoke to the group about his process and thanked everyone for their support – his generous patrons in Colonia Guadalupe, and especially his wife and family who help with his work:

“Without family,” Juan said in Spanish, “you can do nothing.”

Juan, beside his Mom, surrounded by his family

Juan’s first patron in Guadalupe, artist Victoria Pierce, helped to organize this celebration, where she congratulated Juan on his latest success. (For the backstory on their relationship, please see my earlier post: www.blog.bonnieleeblack.com/victoria-pierce-opening-doors/ .)

Artists Victoria Pierce and Juan Eduardo Rios Mancilla

On a bright, mild May evening in San Miguel, young and old, gringo and Mexican, neighbors and visitors – the whole mosaic – celebrated together, drawn by the talent of this gifted artist.

16 thoughts on “A Mosaic Celebration”

  1. Bonnie, you live in an area that is full of color-mosaics, paintings, flowers, the sounds of workers singing! We are what our senses absorb. It seems to me like its a joyous place to live in.
    I only learnt recently that places in the world are creating a Happiness Index. Simplistically, what generates a sense of wellness in the community is now being addressed against economic policy. Policy makers are identifying that having “more” does not immediately generate a happier person. There may be hope for the human race, after all.

    1. What a lovely thought, dear Loula (about hope for the human race)! Yes, SMA is an extraordinarily beautiful place to live — and so many people are getting this message it’s becoming a bit crowded. C’est la vie! — BB

  2. Dear Bon,
    Mancillo’s work is so vibrant and wonderful. What a pleasure to live where any citizen with artistic ability can improve the public landscape for the enjoyment of all. We could use that here.
    I also wish we saw stories like this on the news, rather than seeing only the events at the southern border presented in an adversarial manner. Thank you for this lovely reminder of unity and hope.

    1. Ah, Paul dear, you always get to the heart of the matter. Yes, unity and hope. Wouldn’t we all benefit from living in a more-mosaic’d world? (Like those seen in Morocco, come to think of it.) Thank you for your always thoughtful and insightful responses. — LU2, BB xx

  3. A wonderful post, Bonnie. So great to Juan being celebrated. Can’t wait to get back and see that mosaic in person!

  4. Also worth mentioning that Juan is entirely self-taught. Several years ago Juan met Anado McLauchlin at his Chapel of Jimmy Ray/Casa de las Ranas, a magical mystery tour of magnificent mosaics and his creativity was set afire. With each new commission he gets better and better. Thrilling to watch his imagination and skills evolve.

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