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Last Friday I gave a reading of my new book, Jamie’s Muse, at Garrison & Garrison Books, here in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Considered by many to be a “hidden treasure trove,” “a gem of a bookstore,” and “the best little bookshop in town,” Garrison & Garrison is tucked into a charming archade called the Plaza Artesanal Bicentenario on Hidalgo (#26) in the heart of Centro:

This little gem of a bookstore holds the proud distinction of being open for business – selling new and used books in English, Spanish, and many other languages – since 2008. At a time when book-reading and book-buying (especially from brick-and-mortar bookstores) are declining, this is quite a feat.

As one reviewer put it, “You don’t see many bookstores like this anymore. It feels steeped in history. So it was a treat to find it tucked away in an artisan market in Centro.”

Since the interior of the cozy bookstore is too small to accommodate readings – especially readings that are well attended, as mine was, I’m happy to report – the owner, Michelle Garrison, sets up chairs in the bright and colorful courtyard:

Just some of the attendees at my reading on Friday
Michelle Garrison giving her introduction

I read three selections from Jamie’s Muse and summarized most of the rest of the story, then took questions. One of the many questions I received was, “Do you plan to write another book?” My quick answer was, “No. … But ask me again in two years.”

Garrison & Garrison Books’ motto is “Resist ignorance. Read a book.” If I still embroidered, I’d make a sampler of it.

~ ~ ~

(Jamie’s Muse is now available at Garrison & Garrison Books, as well as from and directly from its publisher Nighthawk Press. It is also available now as an eBook, and it will soon be available in the San Miguel Biblioteca gift shop. For more information, please visit: .)


16 thoughts on “Best Little Bookshop”

  1. Always love when you post pictures, and what a beautiful venue to be able to introduce your latest book. Sending love your way, on this rainy Sunday afternoon. Arti

  2. Hola from the USA! So glad your book reading went well. Sorry I was out of town for it…but I am you big cheerleader and will attend the next one!

    1. Hola, Cheerleader! Wish you could have been here for the G&G event, but there’ll be another in April at the Lit. Sala. Hope you’re having a fun time with your family.

  3. Dear Bon,

    What a beautiful store. How wonderful to have a local bookstore at which to give a reading.

    I do hope you will be writing another book. Jamie’s Muse was such a fantastic read because, like all your books, it was written from love. Inspiration may be just around the corner!


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