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As I write this, days after Presidential Election Day 2020 USA, the winner has not yet been called. Trump is claiming fraud. Biden is urging calm. And millions of us, not just in the U.S. but around the world, are suffering from badly frayed nerves.

I say it’s time to change the channel, literally and figuratively. So I’ve just shut off CNN, and I’m determined to think of happier things – such as something wonderful that happened this week for me. That was the receipt of a box of my new book, Sweet Tarts for my Sweethearts: Stories and Recipes from a Culinary Career (Nighthawk Press, Taos, NM).

This is the slimmest of my five published books, but it’s also the sweetest and the one that will likely always be the “baby of the family.”

As any woman who has given birth to both a baby and a book might tell you, there are distinct similarities. There is the growing anticipation before the birth, and then the overwhelming joy when the book is delivered and you’re able to hold it in your hands. For me, it’s the farthest thing from commerce; it’s love.

(Photo credit: Kharin Gilbert)

I like to think that this pretty little book has something for everyone: For those who like to read, there are eighteen short personal essays on food and travel themes. For those who like to bake dessert tarts, there are twenty-five of my favorite sweet tart recipes, many of them from my years as a caterer to famous clients in Manhattan. For those who would like to learn how to bake dessert tarts, there are step-by-step instructions with accompanying photographs.

And for those who’ve considered putting together a legacy cookbook — with accompanying family stories — for their children and grandchildren, Sweet Tarts might serve as an inspiration.

I dedicated this book to my great-granddaughters, twins who just turned two, who are far away and whom I’ve yet to see in person. They’re too young to read or bake now, of course, but some day I know they will. If I’m not around to show them, this book will act as my stand-in.

My great-granddaughters, Claire and Charlotte, “my littlest sweethearts,” to whom the book is dedicated

In two weeks, on November 19th, Sweet Tarts will be launched at a tart-tasting-and-book-reading/signing event here in San Miguel de Allende held at Casa de la Noche (Organos 19) at 4 pm. This event is free and open to the public, but space is limited so RSVPs are a must:

Then on Sunday, December 6th I’ll be doing a Zoom reading from Sweet Tarts hosted by SOMOS in Taos, New Mexico. (See my recent WOW post about it: This, too, is free and everyone from anywhere is welcome to attend. I’ll have more Zoom details to share closer to the date.

If you’d like more information about this “baby,” Sweet Tarts, and the other members of my “family” of books, please go to my website: or to:

10 thoughts on “Change the Channel”

  1. Congratulations, la Bonnie! I just got the book on Kindle and will start reading and, hopefully, making some of those yummy recipes soon.
    I love the flowers and that beautiful floor!

    1. Gracias, querida Te! The Kindle version has the benefit of full-color photos throughout. But, oh, there’s nothing like the feel of your own book in your own hands — as you well know! — BB xx

  2. How sweet to hold the book in your hands! And the twins! So beautiful! Bonnie – they look like YOU! Is that a blueberry tart their mother made? THAT might be the sweetest thing of all.
    Congratulations on all of it…a wonderful achievement!

  3. Dear Bonnie, as a fellow chef, I feel your pride and passion and congratulate you on this sweet outcome. Alas, I will be on a plane to Boston at the very hour of your book event here in SMA. I look forward to sharing some Sweet Tarts with my sweet tarts for Thanksgiving and will give the book as a gift to my granddaughter for Christmas. Sending you love, Marilyn

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Marilyn! A thought: Would you like me to autograph a copy for you to give to your granddaughter before you leave SMA for Boston? Sorry you’ll have to miss the event on the 19th.

  4. Yay Bonnie! I’ll be ordering a couple. I’ve taken to baking this fall, because I’ve made a rule that I cannot have sweets, unless I make them myself. Spending a lot of time in my kitchen.
    -Much love

  5. I concur! I dare say, we’ve all consumed our bodyweight in poly-tics these last few months. And it’s been a mostly unappetizing dish full of bitterness and pits. Time for something DELICIOUS, picture-worthy and bursting with fond memories. looking forward to the big event November 19th. Yay!

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