Counting Blessings

As we all know by now, every so often – and the more often the better – it’s a wise idea to stop, look all around (and inside and out), and count one’s blessings. Today is one of those days for me.

I won’t burden you with my whole, long list – nor even with many words. I’ll just let some recent photos tell the story for you.

Photo of me on my patio by my neighbor Nancy Anchors

This week my neighbor Nancy took a photo of me that will appear on the back cover of my new book, which is due out in September. [More on this news to come!] This photo says what I’d hoped it might say: Here is a woman who is not young, not hip or cool or stylish, not cutesy or ritzy or even jolly. But she still IS, and she’s still writing, and she still has some color.

And that woman — me — now lives in a beautiful, colorful place, where the jacarandas are in bloom again, where bougainvilleas cascade from almost everyone’s walls, and topiary rabbits wear sunglasses:

I live in a place where art and architecture take one’s breath away at every turn — in the glorious Parque Juarez on weekends, when there’s always an open-air art market, as well as in the Jardin (central plaza), where the dazzling, pink Parroquia church looms over all like Paris’s Eiffel Tower.

Artists setting up in Parque Juarez this morning on my walk
San Miguel’s Jardin (central plaza)
The Parroquia church is at the heart of San Miguel de Allende, and San Miguel is considered el corazon (the heart) of Mexico

Today I thank my conception of God (which is to say, definitely NOT a big old white guy in the sky) for my countless blessings. Among those blessings: legs that can still walk miles every day, eyes that still can read books and appreciate the color and beauty all around me, new friends and neighbors here in Mexico who are kind and generous and thoughtful, old friends far and wide who are always near to my heart, a new-to-me old and proud country that is affordable and embracing, and everything I’ve learned so far on my long and circuitous journey.

28 thoughts on “Counting Blessings”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. Pictures are lovely, too. I can only imagine what beauty the jacarandas add.

  2. It’s always good to count your blessings, and yours are so at hand and eye (it probably smells pretty nice down there, too, with everything in bloom). If—no when—I come to see you there, I hope the jacaranda and bougainvillea are blooming!

    1. Wonderful, Barb — yes WHEN you come to visit! The jacarandas are in bloom here in early spring. So plan on coming next year at this time. Bougainvillea, God bless them, seem to bloom throughout the year. — xx

  3. You are so right that the blessings here in this city are so bountiful. And the opposite is a blessing too: to NOT need a car, to NOT be barraged by consumerism, to NOT fear gun violence, to NOT have to keep up with the Joneses. We only need to open our eyes and our hearts to this lovely and welcoming culture.

  4. Dear Bon,
    Thank you for another wonderful letter. We all need to be reminded to count our blessings, especially here in this country. Perhaps its easier to do once you reach our age?
    You are still a thoughtful, caring, accepting, intuitive person who shares those gifts with everyone you meet, whether in person or online. And in your picture you look just like you did when we first met because are still beautiful.

    1. Dearest Paul — Where would I be without your brotherly love and moral support? From your beautiful letters to me when I served in the Peace Corps to this note today, your love across the miles has picked me up and kept me going. You are certainly on my “Blessings” list. — xoxoxo

  5. Your view of life here in San Miguel is soooo right on! Sentiments that ring true for me.
    Big hug

  6. Bonnie, your pictures and your perspective are inspiring. I’ll be in SMA April 22 thru May 2 nd would love to meet over breakfast or lunch, if you have a mind. Helaine in Santa Fe

    1. Thanks for writing, Helaine. Looking at my April calendar, I see that Thursday, the 26th, would be good to meet for lunch. I’ve inked it in already! Hope you have a great visit.

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