Not to be Negative

Not to be negative, but there are a number of things this blog will not be and will not do. So, by a process of elimination – to get to the core positives – let’s peel away some of the “nots”:

We will not cover many of the subjects of legitimate concern to today’s older people, because we feel these subjects are well covered in countless other blogs, books, magazine articles, and TV specials: Health, Money, Sex, and Beauty. There’s no question that all of these items are really good to have. But we’ll be focusing our energies elsewhere.

Neither will we be viewing older age the way gerontologists have tended to do – as though it were a disease that might be cured one happy day, or as if it’s simply an inevitable, steep, downward slope toward decrepitude and death.

Nor will we focus our attention on men. Not that we don’t love them (not at all, not at all); it’s just that it’s time, we feel, that older women had their day in the sun. It’s our turn to shine.

What “The WOW Factor” will do is concentrate on the intangibles, the things beyond price, of the true and lasting kind. We hope to honor and celebrate a bright and happy parade of women over 70 so that others can see them in a new light and maybe one day even join their parade.

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