This being Breast Cancer Awareness month – and breast cancer being a global issue — I wasn’t surprised to see my favorite, super-duper mega-market, La Comer (formerly La Mega), where I do my weekly grocery shopping every Monday here in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, filled with pink signs featuring pink ribbons in a campaign to help raise awareness.

La Comer in San Miguel — a big, modern mega-market

I was a little surprised, however, to see that the pinkest section, with the biggest signs and ribbons, was in the aisle where household cleaning items are sold. The feminist in me reared up.

The household cleaning items aisle

But how, I reasoned, can one find fault with a good company’s good-will efforts to support such a worthy cause – “a la lucha contra el cancer de mama” (in the fight against breast cancer), as one sign read? So instead of grumbling at the sexist inference (that only women should do house-cleaning, and to make these tasks more appealing to them they could buy pink buckets, pink sponges, and pink mops), I decided to go rogue, be creative, have fun — make a puppet.

Step one
Step two
Step three

There’s something about puppet-making that gives me pure joy. As WOW readers know, I use my homemade puppets to teach English to the little niños at the charming after-school school, Aprendizaje del Ingles, where I volunteer on Wednesday afternoons.

This new puppet will make her debut this coming week. Her name, of course, is Pink. And (you guessed it) she’s a singer (not a cleaning woman). She thinks she’s beautiful and talented. Here is her headshot:

Pink’s headshot

She and I are open to suggestions from WOW readers on fun songs she might sing to the kids to help them learn more basic words and concepts in English. Please share with us your ideas!

24 thoughts on “PINK”

  1. I do believe your puppet-making is an inspiration to many!!! I have some supplies to offer you… please e-mail me a snail-mail address to ship them!

  2. Oh Bonnie! Your essay is great……I would not be inspired to scrub my floor even with a pink mop. Your idea is fabulous….I love Ms Pink. She is joining a fabulous puppet-family of other great characters.

  3. What a delightful use of your creativity, Bonnie! Would a tune like “Row Row Row Your Boat” lend itself to a Pink song? New lyrics, easy melody?

    1. Oh, Marge, what a GREAT suggestion! I’ve just put it at the top of the list! (It’s a song that can be sung in the round, too, which the kids will love.) Mucho love to you. — xx

  4. fantastic. I know I know re the super pink cleaning supplies, but I still appreciate their support and publicizing…. Ole Srta Pink

  5. Hi Bonnie,
    Ingenious! (As always). I would suspect there’s less light pollution in SMA. You could add “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to her repertoire.
    Have fun!
    Kathy xo

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