Where is Christmas?

Just mention the word “puppets” and my ears prick up like a Doberman’s at the sound of the invitation, “Walk?”

You could say I’m a little crazy about puppets, and I always have been – watching them in action, creating them with my own two hands, using my creations to teach little children in an effort to dazzle them into learning.

So when I saw that there would be a free puppet show in the central courtyard of the Biblioteca here in San Miguel de Allende on Tuesday of this week for, I assumed, children of all ages, I knew I had to be there. I try never to let a puppet opportunity pass me by.

This show was put on by the company Tradiciones Mexicanas Corazón de Niño (Mexican Traditions Company Heart of Child), based in Mexico City, which has been creating music and stage shows that promote Mexican traditions through the arts for the past fourteen years. This was their first time performing in San Miguel.

On this occasion, the theme was “Dónde está la Navidad?” (“Where is Christmas?”), and the star puppets were a little boy named Tino and his beloved abuelo (grandpa) named Don Porfirio. To the accompaniment of a piano player, the two bantered and sang in harmony, sometimes making the children in the audience laugh (like the time Tino had to excuse himself to run to el baño) and sometimes inviting the kids to clap along.

I can’t say I could follow the fast Spanish; nevertheless, I could intuit the show’s message. Plus, I’d read the press material – that this theater presentation would “lead us to know the meaning of Christmas, reinforce our values and family relationships, and evoke Mexican traditions, while discovering together the message that Christmas has in store for us.”

So, just like one of the many children in the audience, I was enthralled. For me, in answer to the question, “Where is Christmas?”, I’d say Christmas was there, in the courtyard of the Biblioteca, shining on the faces of the happy, attentive, Mexican children.

Here are some of my photos from this delightful event:

Abuelo and Tino
Some of the audience in the courtyard — moms, dads, and kids
The piano player and puppeteers taking a bow
I was impressed by how attentive the children were — well, all except this little guy.


Wishing all of my WOW readers a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year.

With love, Bonnie

12 thoughts on “Where is Christmas?”

  1. What a special treat For those of us who were raised in the Christian traditions — even those of us who have always been nonbelievers — Christmas is a time of nostalgia and magic. Thank you for the sweet reminder Mija. xoxoxo

  2. What a wonderful seasonal diversion. And for you, who usually detests Christmas! I’m sure it was the more authentic message that appealed to you—especially because it was delivered by puppets! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hola Dear Bonnie! Puppets are magical indeed. I love them too. Some of my best memories are from behind the puppet stage trying hard not to laugh so much I forgot my lines. Happy Holidays to you, Bonnie. Stay well and continue writing. It is a joy to read your observations of San Miguel. I wish I were there.

    1. I wish you had been here to see it, Te! And you would have understood what they were saying (unlike me)! Wishing you and Gary a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy 2022. — xx

  4. Merry Christmas, Bonnie. How fun to read about your love of puppets. Gary, my husband, and I have loved, made and collected puppets since our early married life. We once dreamed of creating the wizard of Oz puppet cast and did finish one, the Scarecrow which we named Mr. Carrot. Gary carved the parts in wood, I painted the parts and features of the face and carrot nose and made the costume. We would put on little demos at our children’s school classes and then our grandchildren’ classes and now our three little great grandchildren have Mr. Carrot at their house in Texas. He’s been a permanent family member since 1966! In the meantime, we purchased puppets in the many countries we’ve been fortunate to travel in. Sorry, I don’t have photos handy. But love sharing our mutual interest and wish we had been able to join you at the Biblioteca in San Miguel for this wonderful event.

    Warmly, Sher Davidson

    1. Merry Christmas to you, too, Sher, and thank you so much for sharing your delightful family history with puppets! I’d love to see photos of your puppet collection someday. I used to make and teach with puppets when I was in the Peace Corps in Gabon, and here, as well, in SMA in recent years. As you well know, puppets have a way of coming alive in our hands.

  5. Thank you for the puppet joy, Bonnie.!
    I’m a new subscriber and am so enjoying your blog. (I live in Quebec, am roiginally from Colorado/New Mexico and am a member of San Miguel Allende PEN with Judyth Hill.
    Wishing you the healthiest and happiest New Year!

    1. How nice to hear from you, Rae Marie! As you probably know, I lived in Taos, NM, for many years before retiring to SMA, MX, six years ago. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my WOW posts, and I wish you all the best in 2022.

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